StarWind VDI and Home Office

Work anytime, anywhere with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI delivers workforce transformation, by enabling users without compromising security or high-quality end user experience and streamlining IT resources and management.

Benefits of VDI

  • Access
  • Security
  • Device Portability
  • Data Center Facilities
  • Cost Reduction

Want to Try Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

StarWind VDI & Home Office offers Enterprise ROBO, SMB & Edge an affordable solution that allows creating highly available and disaster-resistant VDI/RDS plug-and-play infrastructures.

You simply choose the layer:

  • Microsoft RDS
  • Citrix XenApp

Thanks to VDI & Home Office, the experience is even better than employees working at physical workstations.

There are two key components to the StarWind VDI and Home Office solution.  These include the following:

  • StarWind Virtual SAN: StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) is a software that eliminates any need for physical shared storage by simply “mirroring” internal hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers.
  • StarWind HCA: StarWind HCA is a true turnkey hyperconverged platform that combines network, storage, compute, and software in a small 2-node footprint.

If necessary, you can put your offices on lockdown without experiencing any setbacks in productivity. Your staff can continue working with the same apps and results safely from their homes with maximum bandwidth and constant uptime from your environment.

The #1 support in the HCI industry is included in VDI & Home Office offer. StarWind engineers monitor your environment 24/7/365, using machine learning to prevent any issues from happening.

VSAN is included in addition to other features. With StarWind VDI & Home Office, you can lose an entire node plus at least one disk (or more depending on whether you choose 2- or 3-way replication) in an active node and experience no downtime.

Check the VDI and Home Office from StarWind, Safe, Remote and Productive.

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