Starwind Command Center

StarWind Command Center is the single tool (HTML5-based) for managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure; no matter whether you have StarWind products or not.

With the modular and friendly UI, you complete 80% of your daily tasks in 20% of the time. Servers, hypervisor, virtual machines, and backups are managed from one multitenant platform.

Using StarWind Command Center, you’ll have time to build a maximally reliable and efficient IT environment, without being distracted by multiple UIs.


A sysadmin must be in front of a lot of different programs to ensure daily tasks. Of course, it is a difficult, tedious, inflexible, and for sure time-consuming process because, the sysadmin has to focus on many interfaces!


StarWind Command Center integrates the management of all infrastructure components within a single interface. Infrastructure management is carried out through WinRM + PowerShell and doesn’t require introduction of additional agents into the system, which is great!

How many multiple user interfaces (UIs) you need to open in order to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure?

  • Shared management UI (1),
  • Backup monitoring dashboard (2),
  • Hypervisor monitoring UI (3),
  • Virtual machine (VM) management UI (4),
  • Node monitoring dashboard (5),
  • and finally proactive monitoring UI (6).

StarWind Command Center seamlessly integrates with Veeam Backup & Replication.

How to Deploy StarWind Command Center?

It is a pre-configured VM deployed from an OVF template that works in Hyper-V, Azure, and VMware vSphere virtualization environments and runs completely agentless. I will write a review about the product when it will be released. Great news, StarWind will release it by the end of September!

It looks this tool is a great concurrent of Windows Admin Center! On top of that, you can monitor and manage your IT infrastructure in real time from any device:

  • Smartphone,
  • Tablet,
  • Laptop,
  • or Desktop

You can request a demo:

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