SCCM: Failed to Stage WinPE – 0x8007000F

During an OSD deployment, you may get the following error code at the beginning of the task sequence: 0x8007000F. You can see the following messages in the log files:

Failed to Stage WinPE

Failed to prepare the system partition for staging.
The system cannot find the drive specified. (Error: 8007000F; Source: Windows)


The Task Sequence is failing on formating the disk. It means that you have an issue with the partitioning or sometimes it is due to BitLocker encryption.

Why? Because you have 2 partitions:

  • Hidden partition of 300MB (for example) for Bitlocker partition
  • Remaining partition

But the second partition is Bitlocker Encrypted, so only 1 partition (ie 300MB Bitlocker partition) will be usable. Then it will failed because 400MB of Boot Image is trying to download from DP to 300MB Bitlocker partition. This issue is only for existing machines which were already built previously.


You must clean and re-create the partition yourself using the following commands. Press F8 in order to open the cmd window:

  • Diskpart
  • Select disk 0
  • Clean
  • Convert gpt
  • Create partition efi size=300
  • Assign letter=k (or any available letter you want)
  • Format quick fs=FAT32
  • Create partition msr size=128
  • Create partition primary
  • Assign letter=c (at this step if the C letter is not available, check if you have USB key mounted)
  • Format quick fs=NTFS
  • Exit

Reboot and then try again to run the TS, it should work.

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