SCCM: ‘Cannot Edit The Object, Which is in Use By’

24Sometimes you may get the following error message when editing TS in SCCM:

Cannot edit the object, which is in use by ‘xxxxx’ at Site XXX

This will inform the admin that the object is being edited by another admin. So you cannot edit this object. You can press the “Retry” button or just wait… But what about if you are the only SCCM Admin? It means that the object is locked in the database.

To unlock this object, you must use SQL query.

Open the SQL Management Studio and run a new query.

Select * From SEDO_LockState

More information about “Serialized Editing of Data Objects” (SEDO): Here

You can add the ‘where’ clause to display lockID not equal to “0” with a specific assigned user.

Select * From SEDO_LockState WHERE LockStateID <> 0 AND AssignedUser = ‘XXXXX’

Now you just have to identify the LockID and delete it with the following SQL Query:

DELETE From SEDO_LockState WHERE LockID = ‘xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx’

The object has been succesfully unlocked and now you are able to edit the task sequence.


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