PoshTip #43 – Copy and Paste with Clipboard from PowerShell

Microsoft introduces new cmdlets in PowerShell v5 to copy and paste text, image, … It means that you can use Windows PowerShell to easily send output to the clipboard.  You’ll find that being able to copy and paste to and from the clipboard via PowerShell can be a useful task. We now have two cmdlets:

  • Get-Clipboard: Gets the current Windows clipboard entry.
  • Set-Clipboard: Sets the current Windows clipboard entry.

You can pipe output to the Set-Clipboard cmdlet:

PS > "Hello World!" | Set-Clipboard

Now I can use the Get-Clipboard cmdlet to check that the clipboard only contains the string “Hello World!”

PS > Get-Clipboard
Hello World!

I can also send the directory list of the current folder to my clipboard:

PS > gci | Set-Clipboard

Don’t forget to add the -Format parameter with FileDropList value to display the result:

PS > Get-Clipboard -Format FileDropList | ft basename, LastAccessTime

BaseName    LastAccessTime
--------    --------------
Contacts    12/17/2016 18:30:40
Desktop     03/05/2017 14:45:14
Documents   03/04/2017 12:02:52
Downloads   03/05/2017 14:45:14
Favorites   12/17/2016 18:30:40
Links       12/17/2016 18:30:42
Music       12/17/2016 18:30:40
OneDrive    12/18/2016 12:06:20
Pictures    12/17/2016 18:57:38
Privax Ltd  12/18/2016 12:47:17
Saved Games 12/17/2016 18:30:41
Searches    12/17/2016 18:32:44
Videos      12/17/2016 18:30:40


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