SCVMM: Patching Your Hyper-V Host (PART 1)

System Center Virtual Machines Manager is able to patch your Hyper-V hosts automatically for you! Below is the scenario:

  • Scanning the Hyper-V host for updates
  • Putting the first node in maintenance mode
  • Moving all VMs to other nodes
  • Patching the Hyper-V host
  • Rebooting and stop maintenance mode

Are you using SCCM to patch your workstations and servers? Well you don’t need to add a new WSUS server, you can reuse your SCCM server.

Connect VMM To SCCM Server

First, find out which port your SCCM server is using (Default is 8530).

Open your SCCM console: Administration -> Site Configuration -> Servers and Site System Roles:


OK, now open the VMM console and navigate to: Fabric Workspace -> Servers -> Infrastructure -> Update Server.

Select “Add Resources” and “Update Server


In the dialog box, provide the details about your SCCM Server (FQDN + port number) and a Run As Account:


Click “Add” and wait a moment. VMM will contact your SCCM server and synchronize updates.



When synchronization is OK, your SCCM server will appear and the status must be “Responding”


If you go to “Update Catalog and Baselines” you will see two default baselines.


You can create your own baselines and we will see this step in the next article.


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