How to Install Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS)

Thanks to Microsoft Azure Backup Server, you can configure backups from on-premises servers to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent (MARS) is installed directly on the server you want to protect
  • Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) is installed on a dedicated server from which you can centrally manage your endpoints and your backups.

The following matrix lists what can be protected with Azure Backup Server v1 and v2:

How To Install MABS?

Before starting the installation process, your MABS server must be a member of your AD domain. Then, you must create an Azure Recovery services vault.

Open the Azure portal, and search Recovery Services Vault. Enter a name, select your Azure subscription and select a Resource Group:

Go to Properties and Download the Vault credentials. Copy and paste these credentials on the MABS Server in order to import it during the installation process.

Go to the Backup section and select SQL Server (for example):

Click Download to install MABS

You must download all the MABS files

Run the MSI package as administrator in order to extract the installer:

Run the installation wizard and select Microsoft Azure Backup Server

At this step, you must import the vault credentials to link your MABS server with your Azure Vault:

Generate a passphrase to encrypt backups and save this passphrase on the MABS server

Wait until the SQL Server is configured

Your MABS Server is up and running.

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