Resource Metering in Hyper-V

07Hyper-V includes resource metering which is a feature that will track VM resources such as:

  • CPU usage,
  • RAM,
  • Network utilization,
  • Disks.

To configure this feature, you can’t use the Hyper-V console , so you must use Windows PowerShell!

Resource Metering cmdlets:

  • Enable-VMResourceMetering
  • Disable-VMResourceMetering
  • Reset-VMResourceMetering
  • Measure-VM
  • Measure-VMResourcePool

First, you must check if Resource Metering is enable or not:

Another option:

So, use the following command to enable this feature:

OK, now run the previous command again:

As you can see, Hyper-V collects and reports VM resource data.

To disable Resource Metering on single VM:

Windows server 2012 R2 does not include a graphical reporting tool.


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